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Snow and Ice Removal Tips...Do you think you're ready?

November 28, 2017


According to the Farmers Almanac, Maryland is expected to receive above-normal snow and ice precipitation this winter season.  With the first predicted snow just a month away, now is the time to plan your snow removal and landscape care.  Snow removal is not just grabbing a shovel and hurting your back; snow removal is the careful planning and consideration that ensures the safety of all persons in and around your property, protects infrastructure like buildings and curbs, and protects your plants and grass from getting poisoned or destroyed by chemicals or heavy snow.  Here are some hints and tips to scoop up before we get our first snow.




If your property has its own snow removal team, now is the time to ensure you have enough equipment and supplies.  You also want to make sure any mechanical equipment is up to date on maintenance and has been serviced correctly.  Even if you do have your own team to remove snow, it is always a good idea to work with a professional company like JB Kline Landscaping for any contingencies if you think a potential storm might be too strong for your team to handle.  The last thing you want is to have to close your business or keep your community stranded or unsafe. 




Several places on your property are more prone to damage than others during snow removal.  During heavy snowfall it can be difficult for snow plows and other trucks to see things like speed bumps, curbs, fire hydrants and utility boxes.  The last thing you want after a heavy storm is to spend more money on repairing your property.  The best way to avoid this kind of damage is to work with a professional snow removal company like JB Kline Landscaping.  We will tour the property before the snow season begins to make note of areas that could potentially be damaged.  We will also request that snow stakes be installed, these stakes protrude from the ground with reflectors so that even at night, plow operators will know to utilize care in that area.  These are far less expensive than risking potential damage to your property. 




Ensuring safety is the key to snow melt and deicing chemicals however, the more effective they are the more damage they can cause your landscape, sidewalks and flooring in your structures.  The best way to avoid any damage to your property, is to work with a professional snow removal company like JB Kline Landscaping.  They understand the chemical differences and uses of the most common deicing options, here are a few and how they can affect you, your property, or any other guests:


Sodium chloride — While generally the least expensive deicing product, rock salt doesn’t work well in temperatures below 25 degrees and can leach into the soil, changing the chemical balance to toxic levels.


Calcium chloride — Works well at temperatures below zero and is considered less harmful to vegetation. 


Calcium magnesium acetate — Can cost 10 times more than rock salt, but it’s salt-free and biodegradable.




All of this information can be daunting, but proper snow removal can make the difference to your landscaping and infrastructure of your community or business. 


Using a professional snow removal company like JB Kline Landscaping because we have been doing it for over 45 years and can you save thousands of dollars every year by reducing damage to your property and ensuring the safety of all employees, guests or residents of your property.  Please email us at or call us at 301.774.6768 to schedule a consultation.    



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