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Five Tips for Commercial Landscape Planning

January 1, 2018

Customers of businesses and potential tenants have been

found to base their decisions on cues about a retailer or place to live.  One of the more influential cues is curb appeal.  Curb appeal has a significant and positive effect on sales prices, volume of sales as well as more satisfied customers and tenants.  The new year has started, and as a property or community manager, you must start thinking about how to make the needed changes to meet your goals.  Whether those goals are to increase occupancy at your office or community, or to simply increase foot traffic and sales; one of the first improvements should be your curb appeal.  With spring just around the corner, here a few tips for planning your commercial landscape.


1.  Sustainability

This not only means ecologically, but it also means sustainable in terms of low maintenance and neatness. You will want to choose plants that shed the least and consume the least amount of water.  Planting things that require the least amount of maintenance and trimming as possible helps save money on maintenance costs and keeps the property looking neat and more welcome.

2.  Color Coordinate

More sustainable plants might be desert plants, however depending on your location, you may have to choose plants that are somewhat more colorful than more sustainable ones.  Treating the outside your property like you would treat the inside in terms of color and framing creates a more welcoming environment and looks more professional. 


3.  Consider a Water Feature

As you may have to provide a watering system for your exterior plants, consider using one that makes a display of itself.  Fountains, waterfalls and other installations attract the eye and help patrons and tenants feel at ease.  It also makes a work and office environment more pleasant.



4.  Send the Right Message

Your landscaping should be welcoming however it should also match the character and

 the desired branding of your business and the surroundings in general.  Ensure that your expectations are clear with your landscaping vendor and that there is a good relationship with them so they can help achieve the desired results and they can stay in business.


5.  Have a Plan

If you haven’t got started, you probably have a good idea what you want the landscaping to look like.  If your plan is already in progress, think of ways that you could potentially improve your results.  The key is to find a quality landscaping professional to consult with so that you can work with the inherent limitations of the property, a landscape professional like JB Kline Landscaping. 



JB Kline Landscaping has been providing professional landscape services for over 45 years and are experts in turning ideas into results.  We not only can manage your landscaping but can design and install complex landscape and hardscape areas.  If you are in need of professional landscape consultation, please contact us through the contact page or book a consultation online.  

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