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Your Trees Could Hurt Someone or Some THING.

January 10, 2018

Since winter is now in complete control and in full-force, it is a good idea to look for

 problems with the trees on your property for the remainder of the winter.  Most trees in Maryland do not have a problem during the winter, but even the strongest and healthiest tree can have issues when winter weather strikes.  It is still not too late to prune any tree on your property; making sure you prune branches that lean over your business or employee’s vehicles ensure their safety and avoids critical damage.  Here are a few of the most common issues that trees have in the winter.


Water Pooling

Too much snow and water around the roots of any tree is bad because as the ground freezes, it causes the roots and the trunk of the tree to rot!  If you notice water pooling around the trees on your property, you need to contact a landscape professional like JB Kline Landscaping.  We can regrade the area around your tree or create a mulch bed that will help manage the pooling water.


Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice damage is probably the most common issue trees will have during the winter months.  If the tree is weak and endures even a medium level snowfall, it can crack or break the limbs and branches of the tree.  No tree is immune to the effects of snow and ice.  You can help avoid the consequences of fallen limbs, branches and trees by properly pruning your trees in the fall and even in the winter.  A broken branch could land on a structure, another business, a vehicle or a person and that could be your fault.  If you are not sure if your branches or trees are going to be a problem, please call JB Kline Landscaping and we can provide a free consultation.



Anytime there is inclement weather in the winter, wind always seems to follow.  A storm rolls through and now your tree is weighed down by snow and ice, the last thing it needs is harsh winds!  This is just added risk for any structure, vehicle and person that are near a tree of risk.  If you think that any tree on your property is at risk of causing harm or damage, please contact JB Kline Landscaping.


JB Kline Landscaping Can Help

JB Kline Landscaping has been providing expert commercial landscaping services for over 45 years.  We understand the complexities of Maryland weather and live in the communities we serve.  Dangerous trees can be costly, so take the initiative; contact JB Kline Landscaping and let us be the eyes and ears of your property. 

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